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About us

Velin Fashion is an importer & retailer registered and based in Pennsylvania, USA, and specializes in designing and manufacturing women's Clothes and footwear. Our sales target is mostly online to customers in the USA and Abroad. In addition, we also have a team dedicated to marketing, social media & online sales from our websites. Our mission is to discover the best fashion trends and develop a unique portfolio of curated Clothes & footwear for our enthusiastic Customer and clients who are looking for comfort and reasonable pricing. We work closely with the trend spotters – designers, craftsmen, and merchandisers. Velin Fashion is a community passionate about designing, marketing & delighting our consumers by making trend-setting styles that appeal to the modern woman and at various price points so that we can provide a very good product at a competitive price. While most of the collection process, from design to final conception is in-house, we also source it from various suppliers globally. We love to receive feedback and continuously improve upon various deliverables.  We strive to provide our customers with the best in quality & service so that buying is a smooth & simple process. Today, we are able to ship products worldwide through systematic warehousing and delivery partners.


We offer prices at different price ranges, Velin Fashion offers both footwear and apparel that have a tasteful, edgy, and feminine style with a vision to make it affordable and accessible to all the fashionistas out there. 


Established in 2016.